Mathematics Education

The Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

Produce a Bachelor of Mathematics Education who early in his career can use the knowledge and skills acquired as a problem solver to become :

  1. Professional staff who excel in the field of education (PEO 1).
  2. Individuals who can develop themselves through professional education programs, further study and lifelong learning (PEO 2).
  3. Individuals who can demonstrate honesty, etiquette, responsibility, communicate their scientific ideas, take the initiative, and have a leadership spirit in their field (PEO 3).
Mathematics Education

The Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

  1. Graduates are able to recognizes the formal structure of simple mathematical problems in basics mathematics and advance mathematics to support the professional competence of teachers and further studies
  2. Graduates are able to design innovative learning based on the concept of mathematics education and learning.
  3. Graduates are able to design mathematics learning media, both manipulative learning media and ICT-based learning media.
  4. Graduates are able to design research in the field of mathematics education.
  5. Graduates are able to use general knowledge concepts to support professional teacher competencies.
  6. Graduates are able to produce innovative work, in the fields of education and entrepreneurship.
  7. Graduates demonstrate oral and written communication skills.
  8. Graduates are able to demonstrate skills / skills to use ICT.
  9. Graduates can carry out innovative mathematics learning.
  10. Graduates are able to show a responsible attitude in their own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of group work.
  11. Graduates are able to demonstrate good workplace and social ethics.

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