Sunday (24/04/2022) – Regarding the activities of the Ramadhan Islamic Boarding School which are routinely carried out by Padang City students during the month of Ramadan, several lecturers of the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNP conducted Community Service activities at the Istiqomah Mosque, Air Tawar. Some of the lecturers who participated were Rara Sandhy Winanda, M.Sc, Dina Agustina, M.Sc., Trysa Gustya Manda, M.Pd., Maulani Meutia Rani, M.Pd, Nurul Afifah Rusyda, M.Pd., and Saddam Al Aziz, M.Pd.

The activity was themed “A World Without Smartphones”. This activity is intended for junior high school students who take part in Islamic boarding school activities at the Istiqomah Mosque. The material presented is related to the dangers of smartphones, living happily without gadgets, and how to control yourself from smartphone dependence. It is expected that students can control themselves from dependence and understand the dangers and benefits of gadgets. During the activity, the experts (lecturers of the Department of Mathematics) gave interesting presentations accompanied by animated videos that told the dangers of gadgets and the joys of playing games that process one’s body. At the end of the activity, there was also a question and answer session, a discussion related to the things students felt in facing the world full of technology as it is today. This sharing activity helps students find interesting solutions related to gadget dependence.

It is hoped that with this activity, it can provide socialization for students to reduce or keep it under control in the use of smartphones in everyday life.