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Department Mathematics FMIPA UNP


Making the Mathematics Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNP the Center for Mathematics Education, Research and Development in order to produce professional, faithful, faithful, devoted, and reputable staff at the National and International Level


Upgrade :

  1. Faith and devotion to God
  2. Noble Character, Discipline and Responsibility
  3. Conducive Academic Climate
  4. The quality of graduates of educational and scientific staff
  5. The role as a lifelong facilitator
  6. Graduates who are able to communicate effectively with community members
  7. Collaboration with other parties in the field of research and community service
  8. Research in the field of mathematics and learning
  9. Earthing of mathematics
Main Goals

Producing Bachelor who has Competitive and Comparative advantages according to National and International Quality Standards

Head of Department Mathematics

Head of Mathematics Department

Defri Ahmad, S.Pd, M.Si

Head of the Mathematics Department
NIP: 198809092014041002

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Dr. Suherman, S.Pd, M.Si

Secretary of the Department
NIP: 196808301999031002

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The History of Department Mathematics Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam Universitas Negeri Padang

Our travel history from 1954 to 2021


Standing on September 1, 1954, under the name of the Department of Definite Sciences, under the PTPG Batu Sangkar

Change to IKIP

1958 became FKIP of Andalas University


1964 became IKIP Jakarta Padang branch

Own institution

1965 IKIP Padang as a stand-alone institution

Institution becomes University

1999 changed to Universitas Negeri Padang