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Mathematics Study Program


The vision of the degree program is influenced by the vision of the university. The correlation between programs and the university’s vision can be seen in the table below.

Vision of university To be one of an excellent university in South-east Asia in the subject of education, science, technology, sport, and art by the year 2024
The vision of the degree program To be a mathematics degree program of national reputation by the year 2024

The mission of the degree program are

  1. To administer quality education based on faith and piety.
  2. To conduct research of national reputation in mathematics and its application.
  3. To conduct quality community service in mathematics and its application.
  4. To develop cooperation with stakeholders, public and private institutions.
Main goals

The objectives of the Mathematics Study Program are  :

  1. To produce bachelors of science in mathematics that have mathematics and application competencies, possess good soft skill, emotional and spiritual quotient.
  2. To produce good quality lectures standard of content, process, and evaluation.
  3. To provide optimal lectures facilities
  4. To produce research in mathematics and its application.
  5. To make use of research in mathematics and its application for enrichment science and technology, quality improvement, and fulfillment of knowledge-based society needs.
  6. To publish research research in mathematics and its application through national and international seminars, journals, and books.
  7. To do quality community services to solve community problems in mathematics and its application.
  8. To improve the cooperation with local and regional universities and government.
  9. To improve the cooperation in national level with government ministries, non-minister government bodies, and professional associations and societies.

Manager of Mathematics Study Program

Dr. Devni Prima Sari, S.Si., M.Sc

The Mathematics Study Program is a study program in the mathematics department that focuses on graduate students in the fields of Mathematicians (Actuaries, Data Analysts, Operation Research Analysts), Researchers, Educators (Teachers, Private Advisors) in mathematics, Software programmers, Managers, and Entrepreneurs.

Details of Manager

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