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Student Final Project of Mathematics Study Program

LANI WIDIA PUTRI – 2013 -Mathematical Model Of Zakat For Poverty Reduction

SITI AISYAH – 2014 – Analysis Of Queue Model On The Queue System For Patients In The Health Centre Of Lubuk Begalung

ATIKAH – 2016 – Forecasting The Inflation Rate For Padang Municipality By Using Backpropagation Method

ELGA SANIA RAHMAN – 2016 – Euler-Maruyama’s Method For Numerical Solution Of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck’s Equation

RIFA’ATUL HAMDA – 2016 – An Overview Of Nutmeg Production In Sumatera Barat Based On Productive Land By Using Exponential Smoothing And Sustained By Profile Analysis

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