Mathematics Program Study

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The objective of the degree programme is mainly referred to level 6 standard from Indonesia Qualification Framework (IQF) and guidelines from Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS).  IQF Degree Program on Level 6 is as follows:

  1. Able to apply their expertise and use science, technology and/or the art of problem solving in the field and able to adapt faced situations. (6.1)
  2. Master theoretical concepts in general knowledge and theoretical concepts in a specialized field in-depth as well as able to formulate a procedural problem solving. (6.2)
  3. Able to take the right decisions based on the analysis of information and data, and able to provide guidance in selecting various alternative solutions independently and in a group. (6.3)
  4. Have responsibility for his/her own accountable work. (6.4)
Mathematics Program Study

The Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

The Program Education Objectives (PEO) is to produce a bachelor of science in mathematics that has mathematics and application competencies, possess good soft skill, emotional and spiritual quotient whose characteristics :

  1. Able to applied mathematics and its way of thinking to solve real-world problems. (PEO 1)
  2. Adaptable to science and technology development and continuously self-develop in mathematics and other related subjects. (PEO 2)
  3. Communicative, collaborative, and have scientific ethics and patriotism. (PEO 3)
Mathematics Program Study

The Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

  1. Act according to Pancasila values.
  2. Display scientific attitudes
  3. Create simple realistic mathematical problem/solution under supervision.
  4. Prove simple mathematical statements using concepts they are familiar with
  5. Implement simple mathematical processes on the computer
  6. Use Information technology as devices/tools  to solve  problems
  7. Create  effective communication and collaboration
  8. Adapt and improve their quality continuously
  9. Develope critical, creative, structured, and systematical thinking skill
  10. Analyze information and data to make decision

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