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Relathionship PLO Mathematics Study Program

Aspects PLO Code Related to
Attitude Act according to Pancasila values A1 PEO 3
Display scientific attitudes A2 PEO 3
Knowledge Create simple realistic mathematical problem/solution under supervision K1 PEO 1
Prove simple mathematical statements using concepts they are familiar with K2 PEO 1
Implement simple mathematical processes on the computer K3 PEO 1
Skill (General) Use Information technology as devices/tools to solve problems GS1 PEO 1
Create effective communication and collaboration GS2 PEO 2
Adapt and improve their quality continuously GS3 PEO 2
Skill (Special) Develop critical, creative, structured, and systematic thinking skill SS1 PEO 1
Analyze information and data to make decision SS2 PEO 1
A1 v 6,4
A2 v 6,4
K1 v 6,1
K2 v v 6,2
K3 v v 6,1
GS1 v v 6,1
GS2 v v 6,3
GS3 v 6,4
SS1 v 6,2
SS2 v v 6,3
No. Code Courses Affective Knowledge General Skill Special Skill
P L O 1 P L O 2 PLO 3 PLO 4 PLO 5 PLO 6 PLO 7 PLO 8 PLO 9 PLO 10
University Compulsory Course
1 UNP1.60.1401 Religion Education M M L
2 UNP1.60.1402 Pancasila Education H L L L
3 UNP1.60.1403 Civics H H L
4 UNP1.60.1404 Indonesian Language H M L
5 UNP1.60.1405 English M H
6 UNP1.60.3101 Entrepreneurship L L H
7 UNP1.60.7401 Community Service Program M M M
University Elective Courses
1 UNP2.60.1401 Basic Natural Science L M M L
2 UNP2.60.1402 Basic Social Culture L L
3 UNP2.60.2101 Physical Education L
4 UNP2.60.2102 Japanese Language L L L M L
5 UNP2.60.2103 Multicultural Education L M
6 UNP2.60.2401 National History of the Indonesian M
Faculty Compulsory Course
1 FMA1.60.1302 Calculus M H L
2 FMA1.60.1303 Fundamental of Physics M L M
3 FMA1.60.1301 General Biology L M L
4 FMA1.60.1304 Basic Chemistry L M L
Study Program Compulsory Course
1 MAT1.62.1001 Analytic Geometry M H
2 MAT1.62.1002 Computer Applications H H
3 MAT1.62.1003 English for Mathematics M M M
4 MAT1.62.2002 Advanced Calculus M L H
5 MAT1.62.2003 Introduction to Foundation of Mathematics L H
6 MAT1.62.3001 Elementary Linear Algebra M M L H L
7 MAT1.62.3002 Elementary Statistics M H M H
8 MAT1.62.3004 Vector Calculus L M M H L
9 MAT1.62.4006 Transformation Geometry M M
10 MAT1.62.3005 Discrete Mathematics M L H
11 MAT1.62.4001 Ordinary Differential Equation M L H
12 MAT1.62.4002 Abstract Algebra L H L H
13 MAT1.62.4003 Probability Theory H M H M
14 MAT1.62.4004 Actuarial Mathematics L M H H
15 MAT1.62.4005 Algorithm and Programming M H H
16 MAT1.62.5001 Numerical Methods L L H L
17 MAT1.62.5002 Real Analysis 1 H H
18 MAT1.62.5003 Mathematical Statistics L H
19 MAT1.62.5004 Operational Research L H L M H
20 MAT1.62.6001 Real Analysis 2 L H H
21 MAT1.62.6002 Mathematical Modelling H H L M M H
22 MAT1.62.6003 Research Methods H M M
23 MAT1.62.7001 Complex Analysis H H
24 MAT1.62.7002 Seminar L H L H M
25 MAT1.62.8001 Undergraduate Thesis L H H H H M H H M
Study Program Elective Course
1 MAT2.62.5001 Theory of Differential Equations L M L H
2 MAT2.62.5002 History of Mathematics L M
3 MAT2.62.5003 Number Theory M L H
4 MAT2.62.5004 Introduction to Stochastic process H H H
5 MAT2.62.5005 Sampling Techniques M M M H
6 MAT2.62.5006 Advanced Actuary H M M H
7 MAT2.62.5007 Partial Differential Equations L H L H
8 MAT2.62.5008 Management M L H L L
9 MAT2.62.6001 Linear Algebra M H
10 MAT2.62.6002 Regression Analysis H M M H
11 MAT2.62.6003 Multivariate Statistical Analysis M H
12 MAT2.62.6004 Non Parametric Statistics H M H
13 MAT2.62.6005 Investment Management M M H
14 MAT2.62.6006 Graph Theory H M H
15 MAT2.62.6007 Introduction To Dynamical Systems L L M L L
16 MAT2.62.6008 Working/ Field Practice M L M H H M M
17 MAT2.62.7001 Introduction to Topology L H H
18 MAT2.62.7002 Introduction to Functional Analysis L H H
19 MAT2.62.7003 Module Theory M M L
20 MAT2.62.7004 Time Series Analysis H M M H
21 MAT2.62.7005 Design of Experiment M M H
22 MAT2.62.7006 Linear Models M H
23 MAT2.62.7007 Survival Analysis H M H
24 MAT2.62.7008 Life Insurance Company Operation L L L H M M
25 MAT2.62.7009 Statistical Methods For Actuarial Sciences L M M M M
26 MAT2.62.7010 Databases M H M
27 MAT2.62.7011 Mathematical Biology L H M H
28 MAT2.62.7012 Numerical Analysis L M H M L L
29 MAT2.62.8001 Introduction to Measurable and Integrable M H
30 MAT2.62.8002 Calculus of Variation M H
31 MAT2.62.8003 Finite Grup Theory L H
32 MAT2.62.8004 Developing Mortality Table M M M M
33 MAT2.62.8005 Game Theory L L H L M
34 MAT2.62.8006 Organizational behaviour L L H H
35 MAT2.62.8007 Mathematical Teaching M L M
36 MAT2.62.8008 Management Accounting L H M

Keterangan :
H : High
M : Medium
L : Low

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