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Mathematics Education Study Program


  • Established on September 1, 1954, under the name of the Department of Definite Sciences, under the PTPG Batu Sangkar
  • 1958 became FKIP of Andalas University
  • 1964 became IKIP Jakarta Padang branch
  • 1965 became IKIP Padang as a stand-alone institution
  • 1999 changed to Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Mathematics Education study program has been existed since the establishment of Mathematics Department

Becoming One Of The National Level Superior Study Programs in Producing Mathematics Educators in 2022 Based on Faith and Piety


The mission of the Mathematics Education Study Program of FMIPA UNP is to conduct superior Higher Education Tri Dharma activities, based on faith and piety. the details are as follows:


Organizing innovative learning, centered on students, by utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based on faith and piety.


Carry out research oriented to “developmental research”, and implement contemporary learning models to develop students’ abilities to collaborate, think critically, communicate, and hone creativity better known as 4C (collaborative, critical thinking, communicative, and creative) based on increasing faith and piety.


Organizing community service activities oriented to developing professionalism of mathematics educators in implementing the 2013 Curriculum, and developing the potential of students in working together, thinking critically, creatively, and communicatively as a form of socialization to increase faith and piety.


Develop collaboration with various stakeholders, in order to optimize the competence of PSPM graduates at the local, national and international levels

Main goals

The objectives of the Mathematics Education Study Program are:


Producing innovative learning on various components, namely teaching materials, learning processes and evaluation of learning based on faith and piety.


Providing and optimizing learning facilities maximally.


Providing guidance for lecturers and education staff to achieve their maximum competence.


Producing graduates of Mathematics Education who have professional, pedagogic, personality and social competences based on faith and knowledge who are able to compete at the national and ASEAN levels.


Producing competitive and innovative research in mathematics education to develop the students’s ability to collaborate, think critically, communicate, and hone creativity.


Utilizing research results in the context of improving the quality of learning, improving the quality of graduates in order to meet the needs of national development and community change and in facing the industrial revolution 4.0


Disseminating scientific works as a result of research through seminars / conferences and reputable international journals.


Producing high quality community service in mathematics education to solve problems faced by society, utilize appropriate technology, develop mathematics education and enrich learning resources.


Increasing cooperation with higher education in the regions, local governments, the business and industrial world as well as at the national level of the National Ministry, Non-Ministerial Government Institutions and professional organizations / communities.


Increasing international level cooperation with higher education institutions in other countries.

Coordinator of Mathematics Education Study Program

Fridgo Tasman, S.Pd, M.Sc

Fridgo Tasman was born in Padang on April 12, 1986. He Completed Undergraduate degree in mathematics education program FMIPA Padang State University in 2008 and Master degree in International Joint Program on Mathematics Education (IMPOME) Sriwijaya University in collaboration with Utrecht University in 2011. He is currently teaching in the mathematics department of Padang State University since 2015. Since July 2020, he has been assigned as the coordinator of the mathematics education study program.


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