Three Mathematics Department lecturers of UNP conducted a community service in Ramadhan 1422 H/2021 M. They were invited to share knowledge and experience in “Pesantren Ramadhan” event at Musholla Istiqamah, Patenggangan, Air Tawar Barat, Padang Utara. This activity was carried out for Junior High School (SMP) students who took part in the Pesantren Ramadhan at the Musholla. The community service were intended to give contribution in increasing students’ learning motivation and to achieve educational goals.

This lecturer team were led by Saddam Al Aziz, S.Pd., M.Pd and Fridgo Tasman, S.Pd., M.Sc. and Ronal Rifandi, S.Pd.,M.Sc as the members. On the event, the topic they shared entitled “Implementing Muhammad Hatta’s Integrity to Increase Student Motivation in Pesantren Ramadhan 1442 H/2021 M Mushala Istiqamah“. At the end of the material presentation, there was a video watching activity about Muhammad Hatta’s life story and equipped with quizzes and prizes for active participants.

During the activity, the students were very enthusiastic. Especially when an animated video is shown about Muhammad Hatta’s life story. Students feel proud and want to emulate the attitudes of Muhammad Hatta such as tenacity, painstaking, diligent, and never give up.
It was stated on the video that Muhammad Hatta did not want to marry before Indonesia’s independence. This is very patriotics. In addition, Muhammad Hatta had a hobby of buying and reading books rather than buying other necessities. He also had his own library. This provides an example for students nowadays on how to love reading as well as studying hard to get a brighten future.

Therefore, this kind of activity are necessary in order to prepare next generation on building their characters based on good values and also to protect them from negative attitude and activities.